origami51Origami stems from Japanese culture and refers to folding paper.  I don’t remember how Ben was introduced to origami;  however, origami has become a very important part of our life.  At an early age, folding paper became a favorite therapeutic activity.  When Ben was getting anxious at a restaurant, we would hand him origami paper and he would make cranes for the wait staff.  When he was getting overly silly, folding origami star boxes would calm Ben down.  When he was getting frustrated with math, he would take a break and create Star Wars origami figures.

Ben and I had the opportunity to visit Origami in the Garden in New Mexico.  Origami in the Garden is an outside exhibit of large origami sculptures.  I was struck by the beauty of the landscape.


This quote by the artist really resonated with me.

“What inspires me about origami is its simple metaphor for life. We all begin with a blank page, what we choose to do with it is up to us and the possibilities are endless.” – Kevin Box

Origami in the Garden

To make your very own origami crane, follow the attached directions and have fun!

Origami Crane Instructions