Saying Goodbye …

It never gets easy … saying goodbye after visiting your child at a therapeutic boarding school.  

Having gone through this with Ben when he was at a residential treatment center, I should be a pro at saying goodbye.  Not even close!

My husband and I just spent three days with Jack.  He earned off campus privileges and spent two nights with us.

It was an awesome visit!

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Traveling: Sweating the Small Stuff

I LOVE to travel!

I love to explore and experience new things.  Getting off the main road and finding local gems is the BEST!  And I LOVE the idea of family adventures.

Well, my love for travel does not bode well for Ben and his anxiety.  And I mean anxiety with a capital A followed by many exclamation marks! Continue reading “Traveling: Sweating the Small Stuff”

To Board, or Not to Board … Our Current Dilemma

Our Decision Making Process and Helpful Resources

Jack is four weeks into a wilderness treatment program.  We are starting to think about whether he comes home after graduation and we continue the with local therapists and tutors or do we send him to a therapeutic boarding school.   Continue reading “To Board, or Not to Board … Our Current Dilemma”

Thoughts & Thanks

On this Thanksgiving I am sad; I am thankful …

Ben, my 13 year-old is currently at a psychiatric hospital on the tail end of a medication change.  My 11 year-old is at a Wilderness Treatment Program, he is struggling with having a brother with mental illness.  Instead of running a turkey trot with the kids and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, I find myself fighting back tears and avoiding all the happy family posts on Facebook. Continue reading “Thoughts & Thanks”

Hey Kids, Let’s Talk Mental Health

Growing up in the 70’s, we never spoke about depression or anxiety.  In my 20’s and 30’s, I am pretty sure I never uttered the words mental health or mental illness.  It wasn’t until Ben was diagnosed with autism, anxiety, a mood disorder, and Tourette’s syndrome that I found myself tongue tied when talking about this foreign world. Continue reading “Hey Kids, Let’s Talk Mental Health”

Mother’s Guilt

As I sit down to write this, I am processing so many difficult emotions.

GUILT is at the top of the list.  

My older son, Ben, is learning to live with autism, a mood disorder, and anxiety (just to name a few).  From a very early age, Ben’s younger brother Jack was witness to his rages and manic episodes. Continue reading “Mother’s Guilt”