To Board, or Not to Board … Our Decision

What’s the best therapeutic environment for Jack?

 In the two previous posts … Our Current Dilemma and Evaluating Options, I shared how I organize my thoughts, develop a decision-making criteria, and evaluate programs.

Trust me, we want Jack home!

I know when I am exhausted, I do not always make the best decisions.  My emotions get the best of me.  Going through a proven decision-making process helps me stay objective and have greater confidence in the final decision. Continue reading “To Board, or Not to Board … Our Decision”

To Board, or Not to Board … Evaluating Options

As I mentioned in my previous post – To Board, or Not to Board … Our Current Dilemma, our youngest son is at a wilderness treatment program.

We are in the process of deciding whether he will come home or go to a therapeutic boarding school. 

When we went through this process with our older son, we hired an education consultant.  This time we are flying solo. Continue reading “To Board, or Not to Board … Evaluating Options”

Being in the Driver’s Seat: Effective IEP Meetings (& meetings in general)

I still vividly remember our first Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting. 

The meeting was scheduled for mid-September; Ben was in kindergarten.  My husband and I went to the elementary school, signed in, and we were escorted to a conference room.  We were under the impression that we would be meeting with just our case manager to have an informal conversation about shared goals.

I remember being surprised when we were joined by the school psychologist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, behaviorist, classroom teacher, and special education director.  The formal meeting began with passing around an attendance sheet followed by brief introductions. Each of the attendees spoke about their observations of Ben and recommended goals.

I remember feeling OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE AND VERY INSECURE sitting at the table.  Should I ask questions, is it ok to disagree, may I make suggestions …  As the meeting concluded, we were asked to review and sign the IEP.  Continue reading “Being in the Driver’s Seat: Effective IEP Meetings (& meetings in general)”