Ask Questions & Then Ask More

A friend of mine recently had a scary experience with her 12 year-old son.

He developed a life threatening side effect to a recently prescribed medication, Lamictal.  

The mom and dad met with a recommended psychiatrist to discuss medications to help their son with depression and a mood disorder.  The psychiatrist recommended Lamictal and shared that it is a highly affective medication with a low risk side effects.  She did mention that some kids develop a mild rash, but that was it. Continue reading “Ask Questions & Then Ask More”

Being Your Child’s Pharmaceutical Historian

If your child is taking medication, then this post is for you!

Yup, another hat for us parents to wear … the pharmaceutical historian.  Whether you find an app or create a simple list like the one below, having a complete history of every medication prescribed to your child is invaluable. Continue reading “Being Your Child’s Pharmaceutical Historian”