The Facebook Illusion

Ben and I were driving home after spending four successful days in the Philadelphia area.  He was sleeping in the back of the car and I was thinking about Facebook and my reservation to post pictures from this trip.

Twice I started a Facebook post and twice I hit cancel.

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Saying Goodbye …

It never gets easy … saying goodbye after visiting your child at a therapeutic boarding school.  

Having gone through this with Ben when he was at a residential treatment center, I should be a pro at saying goodbye.  Not even close!

My husband and I just spent three days with Jack.  He earned off campus privileges and spent two nights with us.

It was an awesome visit!

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To Board, or Not to Board … Evaluating Options

As I mentioned in my previous post – To Board, or Not to Board … Our Current Dilemma, our youngest son is at a wilderness treatment program.

We are in the process of deciding whether he will come home or go to a therapeutic boarding school. 

When we went through this process with our older son, we hired an education consultant.  This time we are flying solo. Continue reading “To Board, or Not to Board … Evaluating Options”

To Board, or Not to Board … Our Current Dilemma

Our Decision Making Process and Helpful Resources

Jack is four weeks into a wilderness treatment program.  We are starting to think about whether he comes home after graduation and we continue the with local therapists and tutors or do we send him to a therapeutic boarding school.   Continue reading “To Board, or Not to Board … Our Current Dilemma”

Navigating the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for happy and jolly.  Or at least those are the expectations of the holiday season.  For families living with mental illness, this is not always the most wonderful time of the year.  The holiday season can be very challenging, emotional, and an isolating time for families.

We typically ring in the holiday season with at least one trip to the psychiatric hospital, this year was no different.  The heightened anxiety and change in mood usually begin with the talk of Halloween and we don’t level out until mid January at the earliest.  We often say that if we could have looked into the future we would have converted to Buddhism prior to starting our family. Continue reading “Navigating the Holiday Season”