No Tricks, Just Treats

The Halloween season has always kicked off three plus very difficult months for Ben.  I was never a fan of the holiday and since kids, I have come to dread it.  

The anticipation of candy, the unpredictability of the costumes, the gory decorations, and the change in routine triggered manic behavior complete with a downward depressed spiral.  

Most of the time, Ben’s behavior prevented him from participating in any of the Halloween festivities.

This year Halloween quietly approached.  About two weeks before Halloween, the kids picked out their costumes. Ben chose Kylo Ren from Star Wars and Jack was going as Percy Jackson.  In the past, Ben would start planning his costume in the Spring in an obsessive anxiety producing sort of way.

As the night approached, nothing – no anxiety, no negative behavior, no sabotaging the night (something Ben has mastered).  On Halloween, the kids had dinner, got dressed, posed for a few pictures, and they were off – laughing, not yelling.  They went out for over an hour and came home with bags of candy.  They did the swap, ate a few pieces of candy, and got ready for bed.

A typical Halloween night.

I am reminded of how far we have come.  I am trying to just be in the moment and not think about what might come tomorrow.  Trick or Treat … a night to quietly celebrate.


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